How To Navigate a Divorce When Your Spouse is Uncooperative

Divorce in PA can be challenging when a spouse remains uncooperative during the process. Perhaps they are harboring ill feelings regarding the divorce, or they could be stalling the process because of marital assets and property. Regardless of their reasons, no one going through a divorce would want to prolong the negotiations since they can get expensive.

All parties involved are more likely to save time and money through effective communication. However, when a couple cannot agree to any terms in good faith, legal intervention may be necessary to move forward. Here are some strategies in navigating a divorce with an uncooperative spouse.

Discuss Everyone’s Issues

Getting to the root cause of the lack of cooperation may help everyone move forward. You must understand your estranged spouse’s reasons for stalling the process. Perhaps they have terms they want to negotiate before proceeding with the divorce.

No one can move forward unless everyone is clear with what they want. It is understandable for any separating couple to have different goals. It would be best to avoid guessing what everyone wants and put them all on the table.

Spouses who remain uncooperative despite having a forum to discuss their issues may have ulterior motives. In such cases, consider getting legal assistance to help you navigate the situation.

Is Your Spouse Uncooperative?

Couples can disagree on divorce terms even if they negotiate in good faith. However, sabotage may be involved when the couple cannot seem to reach an agreement on most issues. Here are some signs that suggest a spouse is uncooperative in a divorce:

  • Slowing the Process: Some spouses can make unfounded claims regarding assets or custody plans in an attempt to stall the process. Relatedly, they could make impossible requests for assets and property that are disagreeable.
  • Being Emotional: Your spouse may be sabotaging when they are in their feelings about the situation. They may feign ignorance about certain facts about your marriage or certain assets. Overall, they become unsupportive during the process and shut down communication altogether.
  • Issues With Lawyers: Spouses may have gone through several lawyers during the process. They may also avoid meetings with lawyers and court dates to discuss and resolve the divorce. Hiding from court servers and ignoring legal counsel suggests intentions behind their actions.

You may never reach an agreement if your spouse exhibits any of these behaviors. While they are aware that prolonging the situation only makes it more expensive, they could be seeking legal representation to get what they want from the divorce.

Getting Legal Assistance

Understand that divorce is a complicated process even if you and your spouse have come to terms with your situation. Seasoned divorce lawyers can help simplify the process on your part so you can worry less about the stress of uncooperative spouses.

Consider seeking legal assistance from the Law Offices of Paul Brownstein. With over 50 years of family law, we are confident in our skills and resources to navigate complications in divorce cases. Get a free initial consultation today so we can determine your best options.