With over 50 years’ experience, Paul Brownstein has the expertise to help you in any matter. A few of Paul’s satisfied clients are quoted below:

C.S. – Jan 2019

Paul handled my divorce a few years ago. He was very open and honest every step of the way and very professional. Everything happened the way Paul explained it. I was extremely satisfied with the service that I received. I would definitely recommend Paul for anyone in need of a lawyer.

Staci – July 2022

I visited with many lawyers as I was searching for the perfect lawyer to represent me with my divorce. As soon as I found Paul Brownstein's web site and watched his video's online I knew right there and then he was the one--the chosen one. Paul has an incredible gift that most lawyers do not have, the gift of intellectual gab, meaning he is the most eloquent, articulated spoken lawyer who makes sense out of all the nonsense, but he is also a tough as nails lawyer who will use his gift to get you the best outcome for you, for your rights, and for your family. A wise man (Paul) once said, you do not go into a marriage expecting to be divorced but it happens. Divorce can be tough, there are lots of twists and turns and obstacles that I have never ever imagined would be there, and Paul helped me through all of these obstacles. You will have the best lawyer and friend on your side as I did with Paul. I thank him graciously for the hard work he has put into my case, and the amazing outcome I have received.

James – May 2018

I met Mr. Brownstein after I had been poorly represented by 2 previous attorneys during my 4 year divorce. Since I already had some experience with attorneys, I was pretty pessimistic about them as a "profession". During our initial consultation, he impressed me as a very knowledgeable attorney, but after being burnt by the other attorneys I had hired, I was a little gun shy. He agreed to represent me, and was able to accomplish my divorce at a reasonable price. If I had hired Mr. Brownstein to begin with, I feel that I would have saved thousands of dollars, and the divorce would have been a lot less stressful. I would highly recommend Mr. Brownstein to anyone that needs a skilled and honest attorney.

Cindy – Feb 2019

I'm going through a very ugly divorce (custody,child support-alimony,etc.) Before finding Paul Brownstein (& his paralegal) I felt alone, scared, and confused. Paul Brownstein & his paralegal not only continue to make me feel safe & reassured but they have PROVEN to me that I made the right choice by calling & choosing him to represent me. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Paul Brownstein to anyone.

Kurt – May 2018

Paul's been my attorney for the past few years and I would recommend him to anyone who is going through a divorce and not looking for the headaches that are usually associated with one. I knew Paul was the right attorney for me during my consultation. I went in there thinking one thing about how the law works and Paul squared me away really quick. It wasn't a consultation of him telling me what I wanted to hear and blowing a bunch of smoke with ridiculous promises or expectations. Instead my consultation was exactly what I needed to hear; "This is the law. This is how it pertains to you, These are your rights. These are her rights. These are the rights of your children". I went in there stressed about how the divorce was going to play out. I left his office, went home and had a great night of sleep after. Point is; his experience and knowledge will keep you grounded while protecting you from getting swept away in the drama and the headache of a divorce. I know cost is a thing people are concerned about when it comes to shopping for an attorney (or at least it was for me); but as this is an honest review; I couldn't tell you if Paul is reasonably priced compared to other attorneys (I assume he is, but I didn't shop around). I can tell you thought that I never once thought about the money I spent and with the peace of mind I have at the end of the day, I definitely feel like I made out. That being said, if it's something that you need to keep your finger on the pulse of; every time I talked with him, there was complete transparency in my billing (what costs what, and how much time they were going to use to make it happen) and never once did I ever wonder if I made the right choice in the money I spent. The way I look at it though, even if it is more expensive (which I don't think it is), this is something will effect your life for years to come... it's not something you want bargain shop. Go for knowledge. Go for experience. Finally, his office staff works as tirelessly as Paul does. Rarely have I ever gone longer than a business day on a waiting for a call or email back. Professional. Considerate. Friendly. He's got a winning staff. All in all, Paul was and continues to be a great lawyer for me and I'm sure he would be for you too.

Susan – May 2018

I hired Paul Brownstein as my attorney at the recommendation of a friend. I liked Mr. Brownstein from the moment I met with him. He is friendly and courteous and I felt at ease in my conversations with him and his office legal secretary. Mr. Brownstein was very helpful to me through-out my divorce. He is extremely knowledgeable, and professional. I could call Mr. Brownstein at any time and he would return my calls in a timely manner. I had many questions and things that I did not fully understand and Mr. Brownstein took the time and was very patient in explaining everything to me to my satisfaction. It was a stressful situation for me and Mr. Brownstein's calm demeanor and caring manner always helped to put me at ease. Mr. Brownstein was excellent in helping me to understand all communications and legalities involved. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is one of the best attorneys!

Lynn – Sept 2019

Mr. Brownstein is an Extremely knowledgeable, honest, straight forward business man. Empathetic as well as sympathetic and will fight for you as long as your always open and honest. Your life and its many struggles as well as good times means everything to Paul. And he'll take them all to his grave. My utmost trust lies in this man's and office's hands. A beautiful, cozy and warm office. He's one of the best business men and choices I've Ever made in my life. Never misleading and "knows the law". Never sugarcoats anything. He won't take you on as a client if he truely doesn't believe in you and knows something good will come out of your case. A no-nonsense man. Honesty and constant communication are the key. He makes you feel right at home in his place of business and not to mention, Lorrie Inlander. The beautiful inside and out, paralegal to Mr. Brownstein. She's an attribute to his office. She's an extremely and absolutely kind, as well as helpful to a "a fault", intelligent woman. She will work to her best ability for you. She's been helping me build up my confidence. You feel hopeful working with her and has, so happy I can say this, has become my friend and a positive attribute to my life. Pat, another staff member is also a very lovely, knowledgeable and a very hardworking employee. In all honesty their all an absolute joy to work with and yes, a joy to visit. An attorney's office! Who would've ever thought going to see your laywer is something to look forward to. I'm a true believer and I've beco.e extremely fortunate to have come to work with. Many, many thanks to the whole entire staff. If I could work alongside them I'd snatch it up in an instant. They've all become... God's gift to me at one of The Most Difficult times of my life. Thank you SO MUCH. Many thanks and hopefully the beginning to life long friends and associates.

David – April 2021

I recently hired Paul to represent me against my ex-wife for custody and support proceedings. He was the third person I consulted with and it did not take long to know I was in good hands. My ex has all the resources, including council in the family. Through the years I hired 2 other firms and frankly they did little to help me and clearly lost to superior representation. I needed an attorney that would fight for me, not settle, for me. Clearly, there is no substitute for experience, and few have more. Looking forward to seeing how my ex’s representation stacks up against Paul. I am excited to have him in my corner, with his team, fighting for the best interest of my children.

Frank – May 2018

Paul has helped me so many times with business contracts, debt collection and general legal advise. He has helped in court both as plaintiff and defendant. He does not like to lose, not ever. If you are looking for a well-informed, hard-working lawyer that takes your case personal do not hesitate to call him.