Real Estate Law - Rental

At the Law Offices of Paul Brownstein, we bring many years of experience to the rental of property, residential and commercial. For leases on residential property, we handle the common problems that tenants face, either in reviewing the terms of a lease, negotiation of problems and landlord/tenant litigation. For commercial property we can draft and/or review an already proposed lease to be sure that the landlord or tenant who may be our client is properly advised and adequately protected. We have particular experience with franchise agreements and underlying leases as well as often required related documents such as corporate approvals, agreements between partners/shareholders, preparing promissory notes and dealing with zoning and other such concerns.

We also have a great deal of experience in dealing with new construction, whether that is dealing with a custom built residence or on behalf of either party where there will be commercial construction, equipment installation, and HVAC and have handled both civil litigation and arbitrations when there have been disputes that could not be resolved amicably.

Before you sign any documents as a tenant or landlord, take advantage of our free initial consultation to be sure you are adequately protected.