Real Estate Law - Commercial

Commercial real estate transactions, whether in a big city like Philadelphia or in a township or small town like Trevose, Southampton or Levittown, are complicated and challenging even for an experienced business person. But like many areas of specialty knowledge it’s not something that should be undertaken by the self-taught or inexperienced. The Law Offices of Paul Brownstein has represented clients in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Bristol and many other are as in purchase and sale of commercial property for eventual subdivision or other purposes, from before the deal in setting up terms and drafting letters of intent to working out difficulties with contractors, builders, architects, suppliers and others through to the closing and handling disputes after closing, including litigation both in Courts and at Arbitration. Before you get involved in what looks like an easy project, get the advice of a seasoned attorney. Often, the small cost of that compared to the much greater cost and trouble to correct an avoidable problem later is well worth it.