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Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Assets Are Safe

It’s important at any age to protect your assets, financial security and care for your loved ones when the time comes

Personalize Your Will to Match Your Needs

With a will, you can direct who might be the Guardian for your minor child or children and who would handle their financial needs if you and your spouse should untimely pass away. Also, keep in mind that if you don’t make a will, Pennsylvania law has already made one for you!

It provides for many things you might not like. For example, the state specifies that in the event of your death, all your property does not automatically go to your spouse if you have children. Instead, your spouse and children would share. But you can change that if you want to.

As a part of our service, we will talk with you in a no-charge initial consultation and prepare a customized document to your specifications. We would also review the possible need for a power of attorney and living will.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document that gives someone you trust the ability to handle finances, write checks, deal with medical decisions and the like. You may want one that is immediately effective, or only if you should become disabled. Paul Brownstein will prepare a customized power to suit your particular needs and desires.

Living Will

A Living Will, sometimes called an Advanced Directive, is designed for those situations where a person is terminally ill and unconscious and might not want to have medical treatment continue where it will only prolong the process of dying. There have been famous cases where a person who is was on life support with no likelihood of recovery could not die peacefully because of the lack of a living will and/or disputes about it in the family. We can make a customized document to handle your concerns.

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