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Residential Real Estate Law

We provide expert services for purchase and sale of real estate, and transfer of such property, such as a consequence of divorce. It should be kept in mind that a real estate agent, even a very good one, is primarily loyal to the seller, since that’s who pays the agent’s fee. You want someone who will stand by your side and is only interested in one thing – getting you the best, legally sound result while protecting your rights while also concerned about future problems that might arise, and not someone who is concerned to close the deal and move on to the next sale. Our team is here to assist you in home purchasing, selling, negotiations, closings, and all other real estate transactions.

Purchase and sale of a home is one of the most expensive things the average person gets involved in in their entire life, usually hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, after factoring in the cost of financing, and, though most closings go smoothly, when things go wrong, the financial and other consequences can be emotionally straining at least, and potentially financially devastating. Because of that the relatively small additional cost to have an experienced lawyer by your side is wise, even if only to make sure the terms of the deal are being properly written and so many side concerns, from rights in case of needed repairs, termite, radon, building and other inspections and zoning, to title issues and environmental concerns.

There are also many differences in how sales may proceed in counties as different as Montgomery and Bucks or local ordinances affecting everything from inspection and occupancy permits in cities like Philadelphia and townships such as Southampton. For all that, the relatively small cost to have your lawyer guide and give you peace of mind from the beginning and/or only the closing is a very smart thing to do.

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brownstein law - brownstein law - Real Estate Legalities - Real Estate Law: Property Law & Commercial Real Estate - Real Estate Law: Property Law & Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Law

Commercial real estate transactions, whether in a big city like Philadelphia or a township or a small town like Trevose, Southampton, or Levittown, are complicated and challenging even for an experienced businessperson. But like many areas of specialty knowledge, it’s not something that should be undertaken by the self-taught or inexperienced.

The Law Offices of Paul Brownstein has represented clients in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Bristol, and many other areas. Be it in purchase and sale of commercial property for other purposes, from before the deal in setting up terms and drafting letters of intent to working out difficulties with contractors, builders, architects, suppliers, and others through to the closing and handling disputes after closing, including litigation both in Courts and at Arbitration, we do it all.

Before you get involved in what looks like an easy project, get the advice of a seasoned attorney. Often, the small cost of that compared to the much greater cost and trouble to correct an avoidable problem later is well worth it.

Rental Real Estate Law

At the Law Offices of Paul Brownstein, we bring many years of experience to the rental of property, representing landlords or tenants. For leases on residential property, we handle the common problems that tenants and landlords face, either in drafting or reviewing the terms of a lease, negotiation of problems, and landlord or tenant litigation.

For commercial property, we can draft and or review an already proposed lease to be sure that the landlord or tenant who may be our client is properly advised and adequately protected.

We have particular experience with franchise agreements and underlying leases as well as often required related documents such as corporate approvals, agreements between partners or shareholders, preparing promissory notes and dealing with zoning and other such concerns.

We also have a great deal of experience in dealing with new construction, whether that is dealing with a custom-built residence or on behalf of either party where there will be commercial construction, equipment installation, and HVAC and have handled both civil litigation and arbitrations when there have been disputes that could not be resolved amicably.

Before you sign any documents as a tenant or landlord, take advantage of our free initial consultation to be sure you are adequately protected. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

brownstein law - brownstein law -  - Real Estate Law: Property Law & Commercial Real Estate - Real Estate Law: Property Law & Commercial Real Estate