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DUI Lawyer in Bucks County Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, a DUI (driving under the influence) is a serious offense that can result in a criminal record, hefty fines, and even jail time. DUIs are not only against the law — they also endanger yourself, other people, and your property. Thus, PA DMV laws treat DUI cases as misdemeanor criminal offenses.

If you have been charged with a DUI, you need professional help from an experienced DUI attorney from the Law Offices of Paul Brownstein. When you face the police alone and represent yourself, they might use everything you say to build a strong case against you. Thus, we invite you to contact the Law Offices of Paul Brownstein to book a consultation with our legal team to know your options.

Pennsylvania BAC Limit for DUI Charges

The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in Pennsylvania is 0.08% if you are over the age of 21 and operating a vehicle. However, the limit for people under 21 years old and bus drivers is below 0.02 percent, and it is 0.04% for commercial drivers. If your BAC goes beyond the permitted limit, it will result in a DUI charge.

DUI charges are classified into three categories based on BAC levels. They are:

  • General Impairment: BAC of at least .08% to .09%
  • High Rate: BAC of at least .10% to .15%
  • Hughes Rate: BAC of .16% or more

DUI Charges — Penalties

DUI penalties in Pennsylvania depend on the BAC level of the offender. Generally, penalties are as follows if the BAC level is below .10%:

  • Fines ranging from $300 to $10,000
  • Mandatory ARD classes
  • Suspension of driver’s license and loss of driving privileges
  • Up to 18 months jail time, depending on the number of offenses

First-time offenders who have not previously been convicted of any DUI or other crime are eligible for the ARD program. If accepted into this program, an attorney can negotiate a plea to pay a small fine and attend one or two classes in place of incurring the full penalties of a DUI conviction. For serial offenders and offenses that involve accidents or injuries, penalties may be more extreme, putting your freedom and rights at stake.

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However, know that every case is unique. Thus, consulting a local lawyer is necessary to understand your options and fight for a favorable outcome. Our firm has already saved substantial money for our clients, helped them avoid jail time, and maintain their driver’s licenses.

Don’t Face the Process Alone

Under Pennsylvania DUI Law, there is a specified process that police officers must follow to make a lawful drunk driving arrest.

As a tip, once you’re involved in such an incident, a PA drunk driving lawyer must have the details of your arrest. You should provide them to avoid any discrepancies in your case. If possible, you can write everything that happened before you meet with your DUI attorney in PA. Otherwise, you can contact a lawyer immediately to document the incident for you while your memory is still fresh.

Once you’re under the custody of the police, you’ll be obliged to go for an alcohol and drug evaluation. This can include Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs), in which police officers detect intoxication by evaluating visual, verbal, and physical cues. You must also undergo a breath test and breathalyzer to determine the level of your BAC.

We want you to understand that these tests can fail, though. Your attorney can use these pitfalls to challenge the evidence and fight for your rights. As your highly-experienced DUI defense attorney in Bucks County PA, our job is to analyze all evidence to find any gaps that could boost your defense.

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If you have been pulled over by the police, and you’re facing DUI charges, then the good news is that you will have options. By calling us or booking an appointment with our expert DUI lawyers, acquitting your case or lessening your penalties is possible. We know how devastating a drunk-driving charge can be to your life, which is why we fight to ensure that you receive the best possible DUI defense.