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Divorce proceedings can be a trying time for a couple — both together and individually. Regardless of the reason, going into a divorce is fraught with difficult discussions and psychological strain.

The stressful nature of a divorce can lead to poor judgment. As we all know, poor judgment causes scenarios that can easily put you at a disadvantage.

Divorce in Pennsylvania, in particular, can be a complicated process legally. From tax implications to psychological self-management, there is no shortage of areas where you can commit errors.

Mistakes are common during divorce proceedings. However, some errors will cost you more than others. The ones that have massive repercussions are the ones you need to avoid like the plague.

What are these mistakes? Read on as we go over the five errors to avoid making when filing for a divorce.

brownstein law - Divorce proceedings - Five Divorce proceedings Mistakes to Avoid in Pennsylvania

1. Assuming That Divorce in PA Will Have No Tax Implications

Taxes are not normally what comes to mind in the heat of a divorce. Nonetheless, they should be high on your list of considerations. In Pennsylvania and many other states, a divorce is more than the lawful separation of a couple. It is also the separation and allocation of assets both financial and otherwise.

Any aspect of proceedings involving financial assets is bound to be under the eyes of the IRS. For this reason, any amount of money you get from the divorce settlement may have to be paid as tax.

2. Acting on Impulse

Without a doubt, a divorce is a psychologically trying experience. Emotions can run high regardless of who initiated the divorce proceedings. Whether you initiated it or are on the receiving end of the divorce, it is crucial to approach things calmly.

Acting on impulse can lead you to do things that may be used against you during the divorce proceedings. For instance, if you suddenly turn to alcohol for relief, your ex-spouse can invoke this. He or she will be able to present a much more compelling case for assets and child custody owing to your alcohol intake.

In short, be calm during the process even if it is difficult to do so. The potential consequences of acting emotionally are simply not worth it.

3. Not Documenting Agreements with Your Ex-Spouse

There is still a place for communication with your ex-spouse despite the divorce. Some of the contents of your conversation might include agreements in the interest of amicable settlement. To do this is admirable, but exercise caution and document the agreement.

Oral agreements not backed by any proof or documentation are as good as non-existent. In other words, without anything in black and white, it will be as though your conversation and agreement never took place.

4. Accepting a Settlement Without Reading the Fine Print

Your legal counsel does have your best interests in mind. The attorney representing your ex-spouse will not. With this in mind, you should be cautious of any settlement the opposing legal counsel hands you.

The best thing to do when you are given a settlement is to ask for some time and have your attorney read the settlement terms. This will prevent the chances of you agreeing to a settlement that does not benefit you in any way.

5. Avoid the Worst Mistake — Not Seeking Legal Counsel During Your Divorce

The worst mistake anyone can make is to go about their divorce with a DIY approach. Doing this will not just lead to you losing your case but also your time, money, and peace of mind.

When you are in the midst of divorce proceedings, you will need a lawyer that specializes in divorce in PA.

Call us now and receive legal representation that stays with you throughout the divorce process.

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