Divorce Hearings

Everyone knows how expensive lawyers are. Some people even seem to be proud that their lawyer is more expensive than the other lawyer, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The real cost in any legal case, and particularly in divorce cases, is going to court for a hearing. Divorce attorneys know that anything in court can easily take a half a day often more, and at hourly rates, that can make the bill distressingly large. We believe the best law firm is one that will do what is necessary to keep a client out of court. Divorce lawyers have a saying: “if you wind up in court, something went wrong.” That’s because in the average case, the best law firms know how courts tend to decide the issues. Your divorce attorney should help you understand what a likely outcome in your case will be. Attorney Brownstein devotes a lot of time and effort to get the other side to come to reasonable terms so a trial is not necessary. Of course, because one of the parties may not want to be reasonable, or the other lawyer has taken a very strong position and is not bending, sometimes issues cannot be settled and a trial is unavoidable. That’s when you need a lawyer who is experienced in trial work.

While Attorney Brownstein has a well earned reputation for protecting his clients’ rights in a trial, he is very experienced in working out terms for a favorable settlement and can usually resolve issues without the need for going to court. He especially understands the practical reality that any trial is going to result in a decision by a judge who does not know the parties and has no personal interest in the outcome. The judge certainly knows the law and will likely make a correct decision, but since that decision does not take account for the personal or emotional needs of a party, it will probably make neither of the parties happy, because nobody gets everything. In the end, no one should want any third party, even a judge deciding something very important in their personal life, but if the case is going to go to court, your lawyer should be able to advise you how a judge sees the issues and tends to decide them. With more than 40 years of experience, you will have confidence that we are very familiar with that and can guide you properly.