Adoption Services

Adoption can be an incredibly exciting time, but it also comes with a prolonged process with many legalities. If adoption is a process you are interested in, our compassionate and experienced attorneys can help you take the first steps towards changing your life. When talking about adoption, people are usually thinking about going through the services of an agency to find a child in the United States. That can be a very long, frustrating and expensive process. That’s why many people consider adoption from abroad. Often that is not any faster and can be very costly.

Although The Law Offices of Paul Brownstein can assist you with adoption which involve an agency, our firm has substantial experience in the most common kind: “step-parent adoption.” A step-parent adoption is one in which the natural parent is in a new relationship and the parties now want the “step-parent” to adopt the child(ren) to create a unified family. Attorney Brownstein is very familiar with the technical Rules required by the Courts, which are different for each county. He can also assist in obtaining the cooperation of the other parent who is no longer present and handle the required hearing in every such case.

While many people who want children who cannot have their own are very frustrated when they find out how hard it is do that in Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery Counties. They often have to resort to going out of the United States which can be a very time consuming and daunting process. Sometimes they even look to in vitro fertilization or other “modern” way to have children. There are available agencies to assist with that in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Feasterville or Southampton. However, those efforts should not be taken without the advice of legal counsel and the would be parents should certainly not wind up in court in Philadelphia or other jurisdictions without having the benefit of legal advice throughout the process.

There is however a much more common instance of adoption that does not involve an agency or scientific techniques. That is when there would be a stepparent adoption, the process by which a natural parent and a partner agree to form a family unit. Since the change in LGBT law to accept relationships and marriages for the LGBT community, it isn’t just or always a Mother or Father who want to allow their new spouse to adopt a child or children from a prior relationship. The Law Office of Paul Brownstein located in Southampton, Pennsylvania has many years of step parent adoptions in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.